The Financial model that will change lending in Ireland.

Come talk to us at stand number 18 ILCU AGM 2014
Date: 26 April 2014 - 27 April 2014
Time: 9am - 5pm
Venue: Belfast Waterfront
Non repayments of loans are leading to repossessions and the subprime loans are worth €1.9bn in arrears. 1/5 of all Credit Unions are now in arrears €920 million .
The Product Interest Decomposed was designed in order to change the traditional relationship between financial institutions and investors for credit operations. This new approach is made possible by combining credit and placement depending on the mechanism-back credit. The innovative vision of P.I.D based on the nature and allocation of funds that make up the transaction. The P.I.D also allows the creation of a savings for less poor clients, and therefore, in its entirety to the customer needs. Through the P.I.D, the financial institutions, through the mechanism of credit backing, will increase profitability while strengthening its equity over time.

Financial Revolution

The Genesyl-finance Group

Under the impetus of GENESYL Finance, we have conceived, designed and developed the mathematical formulas that are the heart of this new financial model. Through an innovative approach to what will surely be the credit system of tomorrow, PID offers a significant development in the practice of credit, one that is built on the strength of a project’s financial performance. Supported by a high-performance software package, the PID redefines the expectations and liabilities for each party involved, with a more logical, more coherent and more ethical approach. It’s not just about the outcome or results of a reinvented system; it’s about the process of getting there.

I invite you to discover our philosophy as presented in our overview. Should you wish, our team will be happy to provide you with more information upon request.


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We have already proven the above and have constructed a model of financing and how is it possible to restructure a bad debt of €120.000. over ten years with a 0% interest rate and still make a return of 10%


We believe our model of financing will be the solution to the current problems within the Credit Unions.


P.I.D will help you meet the requirements of the Basel III.

Halt the new regulations imposed by the central bank that would deplete the leagues saving protection scheme fund.

Increase profit margins

Lower interest rates without effecting margins.

No extra saving required on loan, allowing you to compete against main street banks.

Fully compatible with Islamic Law.

More security on loan defaults.

Increase shareholders’ dividends