GENESYL Finance, a company that specializes in financial engineering, took an in-depth view of the current financial system and its policies, which produced such disastrous and world-wide consequences, and explored other approaches to the credit structure.

GENESYL Finance PID (Produit à Intérêts Décomposés) is a new credit model, based on financial engineering. What sets PID apart from other models is its flexibility to respond to the needs of the various economic players: the individual, the community, businesses, financial institutions and governments.

Through an innovative approach to what will surely be the credit system of tomorrow, PID offers a significant development in the practice of credit, one that is built on the strength of a project’s financial performance.

Yet PID is more than just the mechanisms of a financial engine; it’s a “more virtuous philosophy” and above all, apolitical, with the purpose of putting finances back in to the hands of the individual, the community and general public interest.  

Yves Lagarde